Questions and Objections

1. The universe can be explained with an infinite causal regress.

2. Things don't have to be identical to their linguistic (cognitive) descriptions

3. "Nothingness" is a contradictory concept. 

4. What exactly is UBT?

5. The CTMU makes no predictions. We can explain the universe without it. 

6. Something can't come from nothing. 

7. Reality doesn't need an explanation. It exists as a brute fact. 

8. You can't define or ascribe attributes to "nothingness". 

9. The universe is only material. 

10. Reality is reducible to its parts.

11. According to CTMU, why are humans and other intelligent lifeforms of value to reality?

12. "Self-containment" is an oxymoron. 

13. The universe isn't a set. 

14. According to CTMU, is reality subjective or objective? 

15. The universe is expanding.

16. Conspansive duality is false. Objects move through a background called "space". 

17. Mind does not equal reality, since I can conceive of fictional things like fairies that don't exist. 

18. The universe isn't cognitive. 

19. Russell's paradox and Godel's incompleteness theorem prove that the CTMU is invalid.

20. Multiverse theory explains the existence of our universe.

21. Structure can be expressed without two valued logic (2VL).

22. Tautologies are meaningless.

23. The CTMU does not imply the existence of God. 

24. The CTMU relies on naive set theory, which is invalid. 

25. Reality is not timeless.

26. Truth is not absolute. 

27. There is no empirical evidence for God, so there is no reason to believe one exists.

28. What are the CTMU's implications?

29. Scientific paradoxes can only be scientifically resolved.

30. Reality does not need a closed-form explanation.

31. Does the CTMU rely on deduction or induction?

32. The "fine-tuning" of our universe is explained by the Weak Anthropic Principle.

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